Professional Development

Professional Development Fund Guidelines

The purpose of the Professional Development Fund is to provide opportunities for continued professional growth and development for faculty and staff, with a special emphasis on development that will have a far-reaching impact on our campus. A maximum amount of $100,000 will be allocated annually to the Professional Development Fund to support professional growth and development activities. Since the Professional Development Committee has a responsibility to respond to development needs already identified, the PD Committee will use a portion of these funds (not to exceed $20,000) to meet those needs.

The remaining funds are being made available through this application process to UH Hilo faculty and staff and RCUH staff funded by UH Hilo grants.

Award Limits

To ensure equitable opportunities for each employment group, awards are limited to a maximum of $10,000 with no minimum. The PD Committee will work diligently to ensure that professional development opportunities are provided for each employment group.

Application Guidelines

  • The Committee will advertise two award cycles per year (at a minimum), one in the Spring for awards that start July 1 and one in the Fall for awards that start December 1.┬á Subject to availability of funds, the Committee may initiate additional application cycles.┬á All application cycles will be announced to the campus community.
  • The Committee will accept requests for funding outside of announced application periods, and review on a case by case basis, pending availability of funds.
  • Activities and projects being proposed must take place between July 1 and June 30. June events will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may require additional commitments from the unit to ensure that end-of-year spending requirements will be met.
  • The application form is available online (PDF). Review the application in its entirety before completing the application. If you have questions, please ask them well in advance of the application deadline. Hand-written applications are discouraged. If you need additional space to answer questions, you may use additional paper. However, which questions are being answered should be easily identified (e.g., if you use additional paper, include the question and the answer and keep the questions in the order on the application).
  • All applications must have approval from the applicant’s direct supervisor. In cases where the direct supervisor does not have approving authority, the applicant will be required to find a Division Chair, Director, Dean, or Vice Chancellor who is willing to assume fiscal administration of the award.
  • Fiscal administration of the award includes identifying a support staff person trained in Kuali who will be responsible for all fiscal processing and identifying the Kuali account which will be used for expenditure of the award.
  • Completed applications may be emailed to or dropped off to the attention of the PDC Committee, c/o Kalei Rapoza , Administration Building.┬á Individuals submitting applications will receive email acknowledgements for receipt of their applications within 48 business hours. The acknowledgments will not specify the completeness of applications. Since incomplete applications are not accepted, applicants are strongly encouraged to review their applications before final submittal.

Review of Application

  • Please be advised, the Committee will not review incomplete applications.
  • The Committee will not fund the costs for meals, refreshments, and lei.
  • All applications submitted by the deadline will be evaluated before awards are determined to ensure the most effective distribution of funds. The Committee reserves the right to award an amount less than requested.
  • For proposals that include travel, preference will be given to applications that show additional/alternative sources for support. Please see the evaluation rubric for detailed information about how professional development proposals are evaluated.

Notification of Award

  • Notification of awards will be sent via email to the address provided on the application forms. Copies will also be sent to the direct supervisor and approving authority identified on the applications. Shortly after notification, all funded projects will be posted on the Professional Development website.

Responsibility of Awardee

  • Award recipients are responsible for completing all financial processes through direct coordination with the Business Office. An award from the Committee does not guarantee or influence Business Office approval.
  • Award recipients must follow all UH Hilo fiscal policies and procedures. Applicants who are not familiar with UH Hilo Business Office procedures should consult with the support staff identified by the unit assuming fiscal administration for the award.
  • All proposals that contain funding for the cost of goods and services, such as air travel, equipment rentals, and protocol items, must comply with UH Administrative Procedures on Procurement, APM A8.265 (Rev. 10/2013) and be approved by the UH Hilo Business Office prior to the event.Awardees must submit a post-event report to the committee thirty days after the end of the funded activity. This report must include a copy of all invoices and/or receipts. Failure to submit a complete post-event report may negatively impact the awardee’s eligibility for future funding.