Scholarships for STEM Program (S-STEM)

Eligibility Requirements

A group of students on a field trip into the wilderness

  • US citizenship/Nationality or Permanent Resident Alien Status
  • High school or college GPA 3.0 and above
  • Appropriate Mathematics background (ready to take Calculus 1)
  • SAT scores or ACT score including completion of the written component or most current college transcripts for applying college students
  • Evidence of economic disadvantage (eligibility for PELL grants as demonstrated by FAFSA)
  • Personal Statement expressing interest and commitment to a STEM major at UH (see instructions for the Personal Statement in the Application form)
  • Letter of Recommendation (from a high school mathematics or science teacher, a Science club academic advisor; if in college, a letter of reccomendation from a College Science or Math Professor or one from outside of the STEM disciplines if you are changing to a STEM Major)

Once admitted into the S-STEM Program, the scholars will be expected to maintain their academic status in a STEM major in order to remain in the Program.