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About S-STEM

a diver records data as part of a coral survey

The S-STEM program at UH Hilo is designed to support students from economically disadvantaged families who are academically talented and motivated to complete STEM degrees in: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Marine Science, Mathematics, Natural Science, or Physics.

The program awards each scholar with a $20,000 scholarship for four years of their undergraduate studies (up to $5,000 per year), provided that the students maintain their good academic standing in a STEM major. The program also integrates and expands existing educational services for STEM students at UH Hilo.

Students will be selected on the basis of academic preparation, potential, motivation, and interest in the STEM disciplines, as indicated by high school (or college) GPA, standardized test scores, a letter stating interests and letter of reference.

This Scholarship is open to all qualifying UH Hilo incoming freshmen with appropriate academic background (ready to succeed in Calculus 1), returning UH Hilo students, and students transferring into UH Hilo. Please see the link for Eligibility Requirements on the right.

Important Deadlines

Join our Fall Cohort of Students and Build the Future!

The application deadline for our Fall 2019 Cohort is March 8th, 2019.

  • Early applications will begin to be considered on February 1st, 2019, pending Financial eligibility.

Academic Support Services Available

  • Faculty mentoring;
  • Peer-tutoring for introductory STEM courses;
  • Summer and academic year research support on campus;
  • Opportunities for research internships;
  • Advising and support to participate in summer research programs at US mainland universities;
  • Participation in a newly established freshman STEM course;
  • Opportunities to present research in campus-wide, state and regional venues;
  • Opportunities for participation in a community service program bringing our love for science to Elementary, Intermediate and High School students on the island of Hawai╩╗i.