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Exploring Hawaiʻi’s Forests

A Hands-on Guide to Hawaiʻi’s Forest

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Grade Level: 4th Grade


  • How the forests of Hawaiʻi are physically and biologically structured.
  • The organisms make up Hawaiʻi’s forests and how they interact with each other and their environment.
  • How science and conservation are working together to study the Hawaiʻi’s forest and manage the resources within the habitat.

Rationale: Hawaiʻi’s forest ecosystems are very diverse; this can be attributed to the amount of rainfall that falls in an area and the elevation in which it is found. These ecosystems provide a habitat for a menagerie of plant and animal species, as well as, support the lifestyle and culture of island residents. This curriculum promotes an enhanced understanding within Hawaii’s youth on how Hawaiʻi’s forest ecosystems function, the problems that they face, and how we can care for them. This unit includes hands-on, inquiry-based lessons and activities to promote and enhanced learning about Hawaiʻi’s forest ecosystems.

Downloadable Lessons

This unit was created by Anya Tagawa, Donna Foster, and Lurl Agbayani.