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What You'll Do: Benefits

Word cloud of terms important to global awareness

Gain a greater global consciousness and become a more globally engaged citizen

Become more aware of personal cultural norms and how they shape worldviews

Interact with diverse people to develop and hone transferable intercultural skills and apply these skills to real world settings

Develop greater competence in collaborating with people from cultures different from your own

Communicate effectively and appropriately in a language other than your own

Translate knowledge of theory and models into skills and capacities to build intercultural alliances

Develop a nuanced understanding of global concerns, their interrelatedness to local issues, and their ethical and social justice dimensions

Learn strategies to address intercultural conflict

Recognize and act on a sense of social responsibility toward domestic and global social justice issues

Demonstrate to future employers and graduate schools that you have prepared yourself to succeed in today’s global society

World is Yours