Global Engagement Certificate

Global Engagement Certificate

Making a world of difference

The Global Engagement Certificate provides an interdisciplinary approach to investigating, experiencing and learning about world cultures and global issues, particularly as they relate to the interaction of individuals and groups from different cultures. Through a unique combination of coursework and co-curricular experiences, the certificate exposes students to diverse perspectives and develops competencies needed to thrive in today’s dynamic interconnected and interdependent world.

In an age of new international tensions and shifting global alliances, the need to understand international affairs, to recognize cultural values other than your own, and to view world events from a variety of perspectives has become increasingly critical. Globalization has catapulted people from different cultures into shared and contested physical and virtual spaces, resulting in new forms of misunderstanding and conflict -- as well as unparalleled potential for intercultural alliances.

Learn about other ways of thinking and behaving by interacting with diverse cultures locally and abroad. Explore pressing issues of global concern, view these issues from different perspectives, and be leaders of positive social change!

Explore global issues. Learn to lead. Find your passion. Change your world. Be a global scholar.

  • Learn about global issues and how they impact local contexts
  • Prepare for working in an interdependent and diverse workforce
  • Embark on guided learning experiences locally and/or abroad
  • Connect with other students who have shared interests
  • Explore your role as a global citizen
  • Discover connections between your experiences and theories in your major
  • Build your language skills
  • Venture beyond your corner of the world