Student Health and Wellness Programs

Stall Talks

Update: “Stall talks” will now be published here online in the form of an infographic so that all UH Hilo students can access this monthly resource from the comfort of their own home.

What is a stall talk?

“Stall talks” are monthly publications from Student Health & Wellness Programs that are distributed into the bathroom stalls around campus. “Stall Talks” cover various topics related to physical health, mental health, overall well-being, health screenings, relaxation tips and more in order to support UH Hilo students in a way that will complement their unique college experience. The monthly “stall talk” may provide updates on upcoming events, services provided, and other resources provided to UH Hilo students by the Student Health and Wellness Programs.

Suggestions for topics? If you have a topic that you would like to see discussed in “Stall Talk” please feel free to send your suggestion to us at

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Links to Monthly Stall Talks