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Pacific Pre-pharmacy Program MOU

Pacific Pre-pharmacy Program

A comprehensive preparatory program for students in the Pacific region who plan to apply to the College of Pharmacy at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

Completion of the Pre-pharmacy course curriculum or equivalent is required for admission into the professional degree program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD). This program is an extension of our existing UHH Pre-Pharmacy Program to meet the needs of students in the Pacific Region who may not have access to formal training opportunities. Student accessibility to courses is being broadened through enhanced distance-learning efforts as well as with on-campus classes. Mentorship, guidance and tutorial program are being developed to provide students the opportunity to successfully complete these academic requirements according to individual need. Admission into the completion of the Pre-pharmacy Program does not guarantee admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

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Pre-Pharmacy Requirements - course equivalents in Natural Sciences~

Course UH Hilo American Samoa CC University of Guam Guam CC College of the Marshall Islands College of Micronesia Northern Marianas College Palau CC
Biology I with lab (4) BIOL 175/175L BIOL 180/180L BIOL 157/L None None SC 250 None SC 109
Biology II with lab (4) BIOL 176/176L BIOL 181/181L BIOL 158/L None None SC 255 None SC 110
Chemistry I with lab (4) CHEM 124/D/L CHEM 150/150L CHEM 102/L None None None None SC 160
Chemistry II with lab (4) CHEM 125/D/L CHEM 151 CHEM 103/L None None None None SC 161
Organic Chemistry I with lab (4) CHEM 241/241L None CHEM 311/L None None None None None
Organic Chemistry II with lab (4) CHEM 242/242L None CHEM 312/L None None None None None
Human Anatomy & Physiology with lab I (4) BIOL 243/243L BIOL 250 BIOL 124/L SI 130 SC 110A SC 122A BI 251 SC 159A
Human Anatomy & Physiology II with lab (4) BIOL 244/244L BIOL 251 BIOL 125/L None SC 110B or SC 210B SC 122B BI 252 SC 159B
Microbiology with lab (4) BIOL 275 or 375 BIOL 255 BIOL 225/L None SC 115 SC 180 BI 225 SC 209

~Based on currently available online catalogs and subject to revision. The Pre-pharmacy Orientation course (IS 201) will be offered both on campus at UHH and through distance learning each spring semester. Please contact UHH Pacific Pre-Pharmacy Program advising ( for assistance with General Education requirements (30 credits) and most recent revisions.