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Incoming Exchange Students

    The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is the perfect place for your study abroad experience. From our home in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi, students have access to abundant marine life, active volcanoes, the premier astronomical site in the world, experts in Hawaiian culture and indigenous cultural preservation, and of course warm weather throughout the year.

    Our campus was recently named the “Most Diverse Four-Year University” in the United States. This diversity is not only because of the many international students that are attracted to the natural beauty and academic opportunities in Hawaiʻi, but also the incredibly diverse local population that is result of the waves of migrations to the islands. Hilo has retained its small town feel and is known for its safety and friendly people. Coming to Hilo, where the aloha spirit is alive and well, is like going back in time to when neighbors took care of each other and life moved a little more slowly.

    Our campus is known for having small classes, friendly professors, and many opportunities for hands-on learning: whether that be doing research on a boat in Hilo Bay, removing invasive species from an ancient Hawaiian fishpond, or dancing hula as part of your “Hawaiian Language in Action” class. We look forward to you joining our UH Hilo ʻohana!

    For more information about the application process and UH Hilo, see the links below. Also, contact your home school international office for information about how you can apply to study abroad at UH Hilo.

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