The Study Abroad Newsletter

Highlights from Havana!

Christina Evert
Semester at Sea, Worldwide

One of my most memorable ports on Semester at Sea was created traveling through Brazil with the three girls who became my best friends from the trip. We went through the extreme highs of hang gliding off cliffs overhanging the ocean to the lows of having our credit card information stolen; yet the en- tire port was an adventure [that] I will never forget. I think the intensity and spontaneity of traveling together helped create a bond between us that will never break.

A second highlight from my time abroad was the farewell ceremony hosted for our ship campus by the university students in Havana, Cuba. Not only was it amazing to interact with the Cuban students, but it was the perfect way to celebrate one last time with everyone we had become close to throughout our voyage abroad. We celebrated the new found friendships we made in Havana while sharing one last evening out with our shipboard community.

Christina Evert with Friends

It was ...truly unforgettable.