The Study Abroad Newsletter

The Beautiful Kyoto

Zachary Nanbu
Doshisha University, Japan

This study abroad adventure has definitely been something that exceeded my expectations in many ways and become an experience I will never forget. Narrowing down my time here to two memorable events wasn't easy but I think these are two of the things that will stay with me long after my time here in Kyoto has passed. Seeing the sakura bloom for the first time in my life was definitely something that will stay with me forever. It was breathtaking to watch the cold grey tones of winter suddenly burst into a sea of springtime warmth; an ocean of pink and purple flower petals. I think coming from Hawaiʻi where we don't have seasons made this that much more amazing for me.

A pagoda style japanese templeThis particular photo was taken by me at a small temple in the countryside of Nara, Japan. I sat at this spot breathless, watching the sakura fall onto the silvery mirror surface of the water.

Kamogawa RiverThis photo is not of a single event but rather a sight that I will always remember: The Kamogawa River that I passed literally every day on my way to school and back home

Being able to look out from atop a bridge and see this beautiful river expanding outward, Japan's misty mountains in the background fading into a blue and gray gradient, was something that never failed to make me feel lucky to be in Kyoto and for me served as a reminder to make the most of my study abroad experience.