The Study Abroad Newsletter

The Time I Conquered Mount Fuji

Robert Huelskamp
Rikkyo University, Japan

Hi! My name is Robert, and I studied abroad in Japan for 2 semesters! I had many fun adventures, but I think the time I climbed Mt. Fuji was the most memorable and difficult one. I climbed it with four of my friends (as seen on the right). Our objective was to see the sunrise! Because of that, we had to set out early in the morning and spent the entire day climbing. When I looked back on it, we probably hiked for about 12-15 hours that day (Ouch!).

Mount Fuji Sunrise

We stopped at a cabin about 3⁄4 of the way up for some food and a few hours sleep (we really needed it). After that, it was back at it again! I won’t forget the climb because it was something that motivated me in other areas of my life as well. If I can climb to the top of a mountain, I can easily do any homework assignment. I won’t forget the awesome experience and my wonderful friends!