Spring 2020 Commencement Celebration

Spring 2020 Graduates are Amazing Together

UH Hilo graduating education students.

UH Hilo graduating education students throwing shakas during a late night on campus.

UH Hilo Polynesian dancers smile for a photo before their big performance.

UH Hilo physics department smiles together for their award ceremony.

UH Hilo students enjoy their time together.

UH Hilo students throw shakas for a group photo.

UH Hilo performing arts students pose for a photo in front of the white board.

UH Hilo education students pause from their school work for a group photo.

UH Hilo education students are dressed for success with their graduation cords.

UH Hilo students celebrate their awards together.

A group of 'Global Vulcans' - study abroad participants, pose together

UH Hilo Hawaiian studies students celebrate graduation together with their leis.

UH Hilo students enjoy time together at the student film festival.

A group of business students at a celebration with Dr. Terry Jalbert

UH Hilo students dress for success with fellow business students.

Students from the College of Hawaiian Language at a celebration

UH Hilo Students and faculty celebrate with leis.

A fraternity takes a trip to the shoreline, poses for a photo

UH Hilo students smile for a group photo.

UH Hilo students have a beach day together.

UH Hilo Performing Arts - Group Photo.

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