Spring 2020 Commencement Celebration

Spring 2020 Graduates as Seen Around Campus

A business class group photo

Student and staff at the Zappa concert

Student Housing Staff

A student works on her laptop outside, with a pile of books

Students Enjoying poetry reading

Student Health and Wellness Programs Tabling

A hula dance troupe outside the Vulcan gym

Student Pohnpei Table

Students at a Delta Sigma Phi hono society induction ceremony

A student observes a gecko climbing a railing

A student wears a UH Hilo shirt at an event

Student Marshall Islands Table

Student performers onstage at the International Nights performance

Students at Relay for Life

Student sitting on UH Hilo sign

A student holds a book while thinking

A group of students goofing around in the Library

A group of friends pose for a photo by the Performing Arts Center

Computer Science students together “Binary Beaches”

Student receiving an award from staff

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