Writing Intensive (WI) Program

Faculty WI Application Form Guidelines

Guidelines for Designating a Course as WI

As part of the systemwide* movement to incorporate more writing in courses from all disciplines, faculty are invited to submit applications to designate their courses as Writing-Intensive (WI).

Faculty should submit the WI Application form for new courses and renewals for courses prior to expiration.

WI courses are articulated within the UH System. To maintain this articulation status, please note the following criteria courses must meet in order to be designated WI.

Minimum Criteria Writing Intensive Application Must Address:

  • Writing must total a minimum of 16 typed pages of text (or 4,000 words)
  • Writing must occur in a variety of writing activities including
    • Informal: learning logs, journals, dialogue notes, in-class assignments
    • Formal: response papers, analysis papers, essays, reports, research papers
  • Writing must receive some evaluative feedback from the instructor and peers in written and/or verbal form
  • Writing must include some opportunities for revision in response to feedback from instructor
  • Writing must constitute a minimum of 40% of the final course grade
  • Course enrollment cannot exceed 20 students

Important Dates for WI Applications: (Revised August 2012)

Spring Course Applications Due
Mid September (Notification of approval should occur no later than mid October)
Summer Course Applications Due
Mid November (Notification of approval should occur no later than first week of December)
Fall Course Applications Due
Mid February (Notification of approval should occur no later than the end of February)