Office of University Relations

UH Hilo Calendar of Events Policies and Procedures


Promote and create awareness of UH Hilo events to internal and external audiences.


A “Working Day” shall be considered Monday–Friday, 7:45 am–4:30 pm, except Hawaiʻi State Holidays. Anything that falls outside of this range will be considered as starting on or submitted on the next available Working Day.


See Supplement 1 for selected personnel listing.

  1. Technology Manager (Webmaster)
    • May promote submissions to Home Page
    • Troubleshoots website issues
  2. System Manager (University Relations Special Events Coordinator)
    • Edits and approves all submissions not covered by Area Coordinators
    • Manages (Sub-)Area Coordinator access to the site
    • Serves as contact person for all schedule changes
  3. Area Coordinators
    • Edits and approves submissions related to their area and not covered by a sub-area
    • Areas
      • Academics and Research
      • Campus Center
      • Student Affairs
      • Administrative Affairs
      • Athletics
      • ʻImiloa Astronomy Center
      • Performing Arts Center
  4. Sub-area Coordinators
    • Edits and approves submissions related to their sub-area
    • Selected due to the number of submissions to ease the burden on their respective Area Coordinator
    • Areas
      • Center for Community Engagement


The UH Hilo Calendar can be accessed through the News and Events website at

Procedures for Submitters

  • Click on link for Submit Event/Announcement
  • Submit either an Announcement or Event for the same occasion, not both. (However, duplicate submissions may be made for social media outlets.)
  • Double check content and contact information. Area Coordinators will not be checking accuracy of these details (i.e., room location, website, email, phone, etc.)
  • Requests should be submitted more than 5 working days in advance of event to ensure timely posting
  • Ensure that any text within images submitted along with your event, such as a flyer or poster, is also present in the event description. Images cannot contain information that is not also available to those using a screen-reader, such as the blind.

Procedures for System Manager

  • Manage Coordinators’ access to the system
  • Frequently monitor submissions to ensure efficiency and Coordinators following Policies and Procedures
  • Meet with all Coordinators once a semester to review Policies and Procedures and train as needed
  • Complete schedule changes as submitted

Procedures for Area Coordinators and Sub-Area Coordinators

  • Take action on a submission (contact submitter for additional or clarifying information, approve or deny/delete) within 2 working days of submittal
  • Ensure that area submissions comply with the Style Guide
  • Communicate days of extended unavailability (sick, vacation, business trip, etc.) with System Manager.
  • Make sure that approved events do not contain information that is only available on an attached image or graphic. All of the pertinant information should be available without needing to see the image.


Submit media requests such as news releases separately to Director of Media Relations for review and dissemination.

Acceptable Submissions

  • All UH Hilo sponsored events (on and off-campus)
  • Events held on UH Hilo premises sponsored by any UH entity
  • UH Hilo program or personnel doing something in the community (e.g., Resveratrol conference, glucose checks), open to the public
  • Events approved by the Hawaiʻi State Ethics Commission exempt charities
    • Aloha United Way
    • Hawaiʻi Foodbank
  • Informational (non-campaign) events of the State of Hawaiʻi legislature
  • Events containing flyers or images of text, where the text is also present in the event description.

When in doubt, visit any URLs, internet search any company names, and/or contact the submitter or contact person.

Unacceptable Submissions

The following submissions should not be approved. The submitter should be informed of why their submission is unacceptable.

  • Events by for-profit and non-profit companies except where UH Hilo is involved
  • Events in which UH Hilo is only the venue
  • Anything which violates Hawaiʻi State Ethics
  • Anything which violates BOR E2.210 Use and Management of Information Technology Resources
  • Events containing a flyer with images of text, that do not also have that text available as part of the event description

Style Guide

All Coordinators should edit submissions to ensure compliance with this Style Guide and optionally contact the submitter to inform them of the edits.

  1. Use the official institution and names or abbreviations.
    • University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo or UH Hilo
    • Kulanui O Hawaiʻi Ma Hilo
    • Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani
    • Not UHH nor UH-Hilo nor University of Hawaii-Hilo nor University of Hawaii, Hilo
  2. Include proper Hawaiian diacritics and characters.
    • ʻokina, Ā Ē Ī Ō Ū ā ē ī ō ū ʻ
    • Not `okina or 'okina (using back tick or tick)
  3. Use correct domain names.
    • Not
  4. Use proper, single punctuation, particularly for exclamation points.
    • Free!
    • Not Free!!!!!!
  5. Use proper sentence capitalization, not all caps, as that hampers accessibility.
    • Free
    • Not FREE
  6. Spell out all abbreviations with optional parenthetic abbreviations; this improves comprehension for visitors not familiar with UH or UH Hilo, or even with English.
    • Campus Center, not CC
    • University Classroom Building, not UCB
    • Room 101, not Rm 101
    • Monday-Friday, not M-F
    • Exceptions: UH and UH Hilo