Institutional Research Office

Department Level Enrollment Data


This dashboard displays enrollment and degrees awarded trends for each program.

Tables includes headcounts, year-to-year change and year-to-year percentage change for the following:

  • primary/secondary majors
  • subject certificates
  • concentrations/tracks
  • minors

Secondary major counts includes third, fourth, or fifth major counts.

Available Tabs

  1. Department Counts
  2. Department Graphs
  3. Primary Major (campus view)
  4. Primary & Secondary Majors (campus view)
  5. Degrees Awarded (campus view)

Filter Selections

Filter selections are available for Department Counts and Department Graphs. Filters are linked to both pages. Once a Program is selected, filters for Category and Degree-Major can be used independently or collectively.


View the Department Level Enrollment Data Dashboard on a separate page.

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