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Financial Aid Office - Division of Student Affairs

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How to Apply for Financial Aid
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The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Financial Aid Office provides guidance and financial aid to students who are unable to pursue their education without such help.

Guidance is provided through individual and group consultations, publishing information and public information sessions. Financial aid programs are administered in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the institution, the State and Federal government to assure that there is reasonable and equitable distribution of the limited funds available and that priority is given to those students with legitimate and demonstrated need.

Services provided

  • Information on financial aid to prospective and current students
  • Student assistance in the application process for financial aid
  • Outreach to high schools on financial aid opportunities
  • Financial aid processing and distribution to students
  • Financial aid loan counseling
  • Scholarship application information to students
  • Financial aid reports and information to state and federal government