Professional Development

Sabbatical Report Guidelines

Please complete your Sabbatical Report according to the following outline:

  1. Name, Rank, Department/School/Unit, College/Unit.
  2. Date range of your sabbatical leave.
  3. What were your sabbatical objectives and planned activities?1
  4. To what degree did you meet each of your sabbatical objectives and complete each of your sabbatical planned activities? Please explain.
  5. Summarize the contributions you believe the sabbatical leave has provided for your own professional development, as well as perceived benefits for your department, school, college, university, and/or profession.
  6. Optional: What was your greatest accomplishment and what was your greatest challenge during your sabbatical leave? Please explain.
  7. Optional: For other colleagues who are considering applying for sabbatical, what two or three pieces of advice would you like to provide for them?
  8. Optional: Please feel free to provide any other information that you would like to share about your sabbatical leave.