Diving Safety Program

Dive Planning

All dive plans must be resubmitted to follow COVID-19 exposure guidelines.

A dive plan is required for every dive under UHDSP auspicies.
A dive reservation is required for each dive day.

Dive applications should be sent to the Unit Diving Coordinator prior to submission to UHDSP.

UH Hilo Diver Database

Contact uhhdive@hawaii.edu for access. Only available to Active Scientific Divers.


Dive Rosters

Lead Diver Resources

For each dive, one individual shall be designated as the Lead Diver. He/she shall be at the dive location or the dive site during the diving operation and be responsible for the following:

  1. Coordination of activity
  2. Verification of all divers' authorizations
  3. Dive briefing, planning, and site evaluation (SEABAG)
  4. Emergency contacts and emergency equipment
  5. Reporting any incidents or accidents
  6. Supervising completion of individual dive logs

Emergency Forms & Info

For information on University of Hawaiʻi Diving Safety Program regulations and procedures, please refer to the UH Diving Safety Manual