Pre-Law Certificate

What Is It?

The Pre-Law Certificate is an interdisciplinary program that welcomes students of all majors who are interested in possibly pursuing law school.

In March 2022, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) made these resources available for those interested in law school:

Which Classes To Take?

The Certificate's curriculum requirements are comprised of courses from nine contributing majors, including Anthropology, Business and Management, English, Gender and Women's Studies, Geography and Environmental Studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Administration of Justice, and Sociology.

Need Help?

The Certificate's Advisor is Professor Sarah Marusek in UCB 343, who is a member of the interdisciplinary Pre-Law Certificate Steering Committee.

Want To Get Involved Further?

The Pre-Law Club is a registered student organization (RISO) that meets regularly and helps to prepare students for law school through events, workshops, and collaboration.