College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Framework for Faculty Evaluation and Expectations

In regard to the ‘Five Year Review Memorandum’ published by the Acting Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in December 1993, the Chair of each Department evaluates its faculty members (Full Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Lecturers) at least once every five years. Faculty who expect to retire within eighteen months of their scheduled evaluation date will be exempt from evaluation provided that they submit an official notification of retirement, with termination dates, to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Faculty members are evaluated within the framework of Policies to Categorize Faculty Members as Scholarly Academics (SA), Practice Academics (PA), Scholarly Practitioners (PS), and Instructional Practitioners (IP), which have been used for the AACSB re-accreditation. Toward the contributions to the College’s mission and the fulfilment of faculty professional responsibilities and workload specified in Article IV of the UHPA-BOR Contract, Full, Associate and Assistant Professors are expected to maintain either SA or PA status. Lecturers are to maintain either PS or IP status. The evaluation of faculty must support the concepts of academic freedom and tenure, which are essential to the University. In light of the presumption of competence on the part of each tenured faculty member, the evaluation will have no impact on an individual faculty member’s tenure status. The evaluation will be conducted independently from reappointment, tenure, and promotion.

The Department Chair must notify a faculty member of her/his evaluation by September 1st if s/he is in the year of the evaluation. A faculty member who is to be reviewed must submit to the Department Chair her/his up-to-date curriculum vitae, or other academic profile appropriate to their field of endeavor, which addresses departmental expectations. This document must include information on their teaching, scholarship, service, and other professional activities, as appropriate to their classification and field of endeavor. This document must be in the hands of the Department Chair by December 1st.

  1. Five Year Review Memorandum (PDF)
  2. CoBE’s mission
  3. UHPA-BOR Contract (PDF)