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Agriculture: Animal ScienceÔÇöLivestock Production Specialty (B.S.: Agriculture: Animal ScienceÔÇöLivestock Production Specialty)

The program prepares students to work on farms and ranches or to obtain positions at livestock farms, dairies, ranches, equestrian centers, experiment stations, quarantine stations, veterinary clinics, and zoos. Students have learning opportunities with farm animals through hands-on laboratories held at the UH Hilo Agricultural Farm.

Agriculture: Animal ScienceÔÇöPre-Veterinary Specialty (B.S.: Agriculture: Animal ScienceÔÇöPre-Veterinary Specialty)

This program provides a solid foundation for veterinary medicine and/or graduate studies in animal science. Students can also qualify for professional schools of medicine and pharmacy with a few additional courses. Graduates have been accepted into Veterinary colleges in Alabama, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, England, and New Zealand.

Agriculture: Aquaculture Specialty (B.S.: Agriculture: Aquaculture Specialty)

The program details the scientific basis, design, and management of aquaculture systems. The curriculum provides hands-on training in a wide-range of aquaculture activities, emphasizing biology, agriculture technology, and the international nature of this modern aquaculture.

Agriculture: Tropical Horticulture Specialty (B.S.: Agriculture: Tropical Horticulture Specialty)

The program provides a well-rounded background in horticultural science emphasizing production of tropical and subtropical crops. Topics covered include nursery management, floriculture, orchid culture, tropical landscaping, vegetable crop production, and tropical fruit production. Students learn horticultural techniques such as grafting, pruning, and pest management.

Agriculture: Tropical Plant Science and Agroecology Specialty (B.S.: Agriculture: Tropical Plant Science and Agroecology Specialty)

Designed for students interested in tropical crop science or a plant-related field, the program emphasizes long-term sustainability of managed crop production systems and the surrounding ecosystems. The core courses are from the areas of Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Horticulture, Soil Science, Weed Science, Entomology, Agribusiness, and Agricultural Economics.

Beekeeping (Cert.: Beekeeping)

UH Hilo has been recognized by the media, public, and state Senate for its efforts to bring greater awareness to the honey bee, an important and vital pollinator of many crops. Courses have hands-on laboratories and are taught primarily at the UH Hilo farm in Pana╩╗ewa, Hawai╩╗i.

Energy Science (Cert.: Energy Science)

The conversion of energy to useful forms for humans, its distribution and its impact are pressing issues of our time. Energy Science courses prepare students to take advantage of opportunities in solar, wind, biofuel, tide and geothermal energies, with integrated knowledge about this emerging field.

Plant Tissue Culture (Cert.: Plant Tissue Culture)

This program prepares students for employment in the plant tissue culture industry. Course work includes a range of plant science courses that relate directly to the industry and facilitates immediate employment as a lab technician. The curriculum provide a strong theoretical base, combined with hands-on, laboratory-oriented practice.

Tropical Farming (Cert.: Tropical Farming)

This certificate provides a pathway to a career in agriculture and further educational opportunities. In addition to classes at the main campus, courses will be periodically taught at off-campus agricultural facilities of the University of Hawai╩╗i System and other cooperators.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Cert.: Unmanned Aircraft Systems)

A broad overview of unmanned aircraft types and purposes, peripheral systems, preflight planning, and the laws governing their operation in a non-hobby capacity in the United States of America. Graduates of the UAS certificate program gain skills valuable in the field of unmanned aerial data collection.