Get Involved! Make the Most of your Student Fees!

Are you getting all the benefits of your student fees? Learn about the various student organizations and student programs, what they are about, how to get involved, and the programs, services and activities that are available for UH Hilo students.

Student Organization Fees are managed and administered by recognized student governance organizations chartered by the University called Chartered Student Organizations (CS0s). These organizations at UH Hilo include:

Collectively, these student governance groups are advised and program-supported by University-assigned faculty and staff typically in a student life / student activities office. This is defined in the University of Hawaiʻi Executive Policy: EP6.208, Mandatory Student Fees

Media Broadcasting

The Media Broadcasting fees include those mandatory student activity fees used to support and govern student broadcasting through a campus radio station, television programs, film-making projects and other broadcast media. These programs provide students opportunities to produce, engineer, and manage radio broadcasts as well as script, write, edit, broadcast, report, produce, and manage filmmaking that inform, educate and/or entertain our campus community.

Media Broadcasting Fee:


Board of Media Broadcasting (BOMB)

BoMB Logo The Board of Media Broadcasting is dedicated to furthering student ambitions in careers in media. They also provide the opportunity for students to have their voices heard through their sub-organizations. The BOMB governs our student radio station, University Radio Hilo (URH), currently broadcasting on 101.1 FM in the city of Hilo, and our video production program, Vulcan Video Productions (VVP), who creates and produces videos for students by students. Want to learn how to oversee the fiscal, operational, and administration of a broadcasting organization? To learn more go to BOMB's website.

University Radio Hilo (URH)

University Radio Hilo University Radio Hilo provides broadcasting of diverse, musical, educational, cultural, and informational programs by transmitting student members' voices. Listen to them live on KUHH 101.1 FM. Have you ever wondered what goes into running a radio station? Are you interested in developing your radio personality or music creation skills as a Disc Jockey? To learn more, visit URH's website.

Vulcan Video Production (VVP)

Vulcan Video Productions Vulcan Video Production is UH Hilo's video production program, that gives students the opportunity to gain experience and education in video production and broadcasting with high-quality equipment and editing programs. VVP is looking for students who are interested in learning about video production. Go to VVP's website to learn more about getting involved.

Student Government

Student government fees include those mandatory student activity fees used to encourage and foster student input, voice, and advocacy of the needs, interests, and concerns of students on campus through purposeful participation in institutional governance. These fees may also support the student government’s sponsorship and funding of pertinent programs, services, and activities.

Student Association Fee:


UH Hilo Hilo Student Association (UHHSA)

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Student Association (UHHSA) acts as a liaison between the student body and college administration through active collaboration with faculty, staff, the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents, the State Legislature, and campus programs and student organizations. Learn more about the various initiatives UHHSA is working on this coming year by visiting UHHSA's website.

Student Publications

Student Publication Fees include those mandatory student activity fees used to support and govern student publications such as the campus newspaper, literary magazines, e-publications, other print media, and related student advertising sales and promotions, affording students the opportunities to write, edit, design, manage, create art, sell ads, conduct promotions, etc., which inform, educate and/or entertain the campus community.

Student Publication Fee:


Board of Student Publications (BOSP)

Board of Student Publications The Board of Student Publications is made up of students, faculty and staff of UH Hilo and community representatives, which establishes and publishes all publications supported by student publications fees. The board provides the necessary fiscal and operational oversight to its publications, programs and services, and provides opportunities for students on the board and publication to develop their leadership skills by participating in the administration and operations of the organization. As well as provide the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo with the best journalistic, literary, academic, and publication services possible, given the resources available. The board oversees three student-run publications: Hohonu, Kanilehua, and Ke Kalahea. Want to learn how to oversee the fiscal, operational, and administration of a publication organization? To learn more go to BOSP's website.


Hohonu Logo Hohonu is a journal of academic writing published for and by the students of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Hohonu strives for excellence in producing a product reflective of the student body, their talents and interests. Hohonu encourages scholars to show pride in their work, providing them with the opportunity to have their work published and the opportunity to read the work of their peers. It is the aim of Hohonu to facilitate the sharing of quality academic writing and to exist as a reference for students looking to learn something about writing, a new subject, an attitude, or perhaps even themselves. Interested in publishing your writing? Check out Hohonu's website



Kanilehua is the UH Hilo Art & Literary Magazine, and they work to publish the best creative pieces that UH Hilo students have to offer. Interested in publishing your artwork, poem, or creative work? Check out Kanilehua's website to learn more.

Ke Kalahea

Ke Kalahea Student Newspaper Ke Kalahea
provides coverage of news and events affecting the university and our community. We offer a forum for the communication and exchange of ideas, as well as provide educational training and experiences to students in all areas of newspaper operation. The publication is printed monthly during the academic year. Interested in journalism, photography, and more? Go to Ke Kalahea's website to learn more about how to get involved.

Total Mandatory Student Fees

$81.00/semester (charged to students at all campuses at which they are enrolled, regardless of whether the course is taught online or at a distance)

Campus Center Fees

Campus Center fees include those mandatory student activity fees used to support student-governed, student-serviced, and student-administered facilities, programs, services, and activities that serve as the “living room, hearthstone, or community center” for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of the campus.

Campus Center Fee:


All together, these facilities, programs, services, and activities offer conveniences and amenities that campus community members desire in their daily lives and they create a focal point or gathering place where cultural, educational, social, recreational leisure, personal wellness, and physical fitness needs may be met.

Da Lava Tube

Da Lava Tube services: - Campus ID and Validations - Recreational Games - Billiards and Table Tennis - Nintendo Switch - Darts

Campus Center

Campus Center services: - Lockers - Meeting Rooms - Gathering Areas - Lounge Area - Computers - Lactation Room

Go to Campus Center's website to learn more about other services we provide for UH Hilo students.

Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO)

Registered Independent Student Organizations enhanced the educational environment for students by providing educational, social, cultural, recreational, governance, religious or communication activities. Interested in joining a club? Don't see one you want to join and want to create your own? Go to the RISO website to learn more.

Student Leadership Development

Student Leadership Development creates an environment where students can, educate, learn and practice their leadership skills through cultural awareness, experiential learning models, and health and wellness activities as part of professional leadership development.

Student Activities

Student Activity & Program Fees include those mandatory student activity fees used to foster a vibrant student life and to promote a unique and enriching student educational experience at UH campuses through a diversity of co-curricular student programs, activities, and services. On some campuses, where there is no distinct Student Government Fee, the Student Activity and Program Fees may support the cost of student government.

Student Activities Fee:


Student Activities Council (SAC)

The Student Activities Council provides programs, activities and services, which serve the co-curricular cultural, social, recreational and educational interests of students of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. SAC contributes to the development of students' skills and provides experience in leadership, program planning and development, volunteer management and fiscal management. Interested in meeting new people and putting on meaningful events for our UH Hilo student? Go to SAC's website and learn more.

Total Campus Based Mandatory Student Fees:

$58.00 (exempt for students enrolled in purely distance or online courses at a particular campus).