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Submissions for the Spring 2020 edition are now open.You can submit your work here!

Mission Statement

Hohonu is a journal of academic writing published for and by the students of the University of Hawai Ľi at Hilo. Hohonu strives for excellence in producing a product reflective of the student body, their talents and interests. Hohonu encourages scholars to show pride in their work, providing them with the opportunity to have their work published and the opportunity to read the work of their peers. It is the aim of Hohonu to facilitate in sharing of quality academic writing and to exist as a reference for students looking to learn something about writing, a new subject, an attitude, or perhaps even themselves.

Seeking Staff

We are looking to fill staff positions for the 2019-2020 school year. If you are interested and want to join the Hohonu Team, fill out an application (PDF) or pick up a form in the Campus Center Office in Room 210.


To be eligible to submit work for the 2019-2020 academic year you must:

  • Be an active UH Hilo student during either the Fall 2019 and/or Spring 2020 academic year
  • Fall 2019 graduates are eligible to submit
  • Submissions must be original work
  • Submissions must have been written for or, in conjunction with, a UH Hilo class or affiliated program (such as PIPES)


  • Submission must not exceed 4500 words including references, work cited, etc.
  • Excpetions may be made for capstone thesis and works done for graduate level classes. If you are intrested in submitting with this exception please contact the Hohonu team at hohonu@hawaii.edu.

If you meet these criteria we are excited to publish your work, please use the form to submit to us!

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