Student Activity Fee

The Student Activities Council (SAC) is a Chartered Student Organization (CSO) who receives a semesterly student activity fee from all UH Hilo students currently taking in person classes. The student activity fee is $28.50 per semester.

SAC welcomes UH Hilo students to make the most of their student activity fee by getting involved!.

You can take advantage of SAC's services by:

Attending Events

SAC's mission is to provide events and activities that meet the diverse cultural, education, recreational, and social needs of UH Hilo students. Students who have paid the student activity fee are able to participate and attend in all SAC events. You can find out more about upcoming SAC events by visiting our Events page. - Though the student activity fee is a mandatory campus based fee the Council has been working to provide a range of virtual and in-person events so UH Hilo students regardless of location can participate.


Each year SAC works to allocate a portion of their funding to the CSO spending committee that provides an opportunity for RISO’s and Campus groups to apply for funding. SAC specifically contributes to help increase the number of events and activities on campus and for the overall promotion of a vibrant student life. If your organization would like to apply for funding please visit the CSO Funding Committee web page.

Additionally, SAC contributes to the development of students skills and provides leadership opportunities that focus on program planning, volunteer management and fiscal responsibility. Students are able to apply to be a member of Council. Event planners are trained in event planning, while executive members get position specific training that develops their soft skills around running an organization. SAC provides a learning laboratory for students interested in event management. If you would like to apply to be a SAC member you can find our application online, please visit our About page for more info.