Campus Center Fee Board

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Our Mission

The purpose of the Fee Board shall be to receive and expend the mandatory UH Hilo Campus Center student fees. Our organization is dedicated to facilitating equitable access to higher education by efficiently managing the receipt and allocation of fees for Campus Center. We strive to empower students through transparent financial processes, ensuring that every fee paid contributes effectively to their educational experience. By fostering accountability and innovation, we aim to support the mission of Campus Center in cultivating transformative learning environments and shaping future leaders.

Understanding the Campus Center Fee

Campus Center fees include those mandatory student activity fees used to support student-governed, student-serviced, and student-administered facilities, programs, services, and activities that serve as the “living room, hearthstone, or community center” for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of the campus.

Campus Center Fee


All together, these facilities, programs, services, and activities offer conveniences and amenities that campus community members desire in their daily lives and they create a focal point or gathering place where cultural, educational, social, recreational leisure, personal wellness, and physical fitness needs may be met.

Da Lava Tube

  • Da Lava Tube services:
    • Campus ID and Validations
    • Recreational Games
    • Billiards and Table Tennis
    • Nintendo Switch

Campus Center

  • Campus Center services:
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Gathering Areas
    • Lounge Area
    • Computers
    • Lactation Room

Learn more about other services we provide for UH Hilo students.

Meet the Members

Position Name E-mail
Executive Chair Nāwai Makua
Vice Chair Kamalani "Kama" Poepoe
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Shanxi Nakaʻahiki
Staff Advisor Lai Sha Bugado

If you are interested in applying, please complete our online application. If you have any questions, please contact our Staff advisor Laisha Bugado at

Charter & By-laws

Our Charter & By-laws outlines our governing docs of the Campus Center Fee Board.