Student Publications Fee

The Board of Student Publications (BOSP) is a Chartered Student Organization (CSO) who receives a semesterly student publication fee from all UH Hilo students currently taking classes. The student publication fee is $28.50 per semester.

BOSP welcomes UH Hilo students to make the most of their student publication fee by getting involved!

You can take advantage of BOSP's services by:

Pick up a Publication

The Board of Student Publications works to oversee the production of the three on campus student run publications. Each year the Board selects an Editor-In-Chief who then is responsible for the operations of the publication. Students are able to submit and/or receive free copies of the publications that are printed each year. For more information on each of our publications check our Publications webpage.

Submit to the Publications

Students are able to submit their work to be published in Hohonu and Kanilehua. We encourage you to check out their website for more information about deadlines and exact requirements.

Request a Mailout Publications

Hohonu, Kanilehua and Ke Kalahea are currently able to mail copies of their publication to currently registered UH Hilo students upon request, email them directly to find out more about this opportunity.

Attend Events & Activities

BOSP and its programs provide events and activities that center on their various missions and the overall promotion of the organizations. If you would like to attend you can find out more information about our upcoming opportunities on our homepage.

Additionally, students are able to apply to either the Board or the publication to gain experience in the field

  • Board Member Positions: Students are able to apply to be a member of the Board. Positions include Executive Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicist. The Board acts as a governing body for the various on campus publications. The board serves as a learning lab for students interested in administrative roles. For more information about open positions and how to apply you can visit our website.
  • Publication Positions: Students are able to apply to be a part of the various publications. Positions range from layout, editors, art editors, photographers, staff writers, and various leadership positions such as Editor-in-Chief. The publications serve as a learning laboratory for students to find out more about what it takes to conceptualize, organize, and publish a publication based on their mission. Students can find out more about open positions and how to apply at each publication's website. Click here for more information on each publication and applications.