Campus IDs and Validations

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Benefits of a Campus ID Card

In addition to serving as your campus photo identification (ID) card, your campus ID card gives you access to a variety of in-person services.

Obtaining an ID Card (Student, Faculty & Staff)

a student is renewing their student ID at Da Lava TubeCampus Center staff are happy to assist you with your ID needs. All incoming and returning University of Hawaiʻi students, faculty, and staff are entitled to a campus ID card for $10.00. All campus ID cards are issued at the Campus Center's Da Lava Tube during Fall & Spring semesters and at Campus Center office in room 210 during Summer semesters. Lava Landing is conveniently located in the heart of campus—Campus Center Room 204, in Lava Landing.

For the health and safety of our UH Hilo campus community, we are offering in-person and virtual-request services for new Campus IDs and validations.

In-Person Services: Schedule your in-person appointment via the Campus Center Lava Landing Appointments webpage. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM-3:30PM and closed on holidays and weekends. Appointment time slots are based on staff availability and are offered on a first-come first-served basis. All incoming and returning University of Hawaiʻi students, faculty, and staff are entitled to a campus ID card for $10.00. You must bring a government issued photo ID and be registered for classes at the time of your appointment.

Virtual Requests: Students are able to submit an online request for their new Campus ID card via our Virtual Campus ID Card Request form. The review and creation process may take up to two (2) business days after confirmation of payment has been made.

Students, faculty, & staff with questions about Campus IDs and validations in general may contact Campus Center & Lava Landing at or (808) 932-7365.

Contact Campus Center by phone at (808) 932-7365 or email for disability accommodations.

Campus ID Validations

In order to receive the benefits and services that UH Hilo has to offer, your campus ID card must be validated each semester that you are enrolled or employed at UH Hilo. Validations are given at Lava Landing during Fall and Spring semesters and at the Campus Center office rm 210 during the Summer semester. Campus ID Validations are free.

Research Corporation of the University of Hawaiʻi (RCUH) ID Cards

Fill out the RCUH ID Card Application Form (PDF) and submit it to RCUH Human Resources. They will review & certify your UH-RCUH Faculty/Staff ID card request. The completed/signed request form will be emailed to you.

  • You must then take the completed form to Da Lava Tube. Please be sure to bring a valid photo ID (driver's license, state ID, passport, etc.) in order to process your UH-RCUH ID application form.
  • UH Hilo regular status employees will be required to pay $5.00.
  • UH Hilo and UH Mānoa temporary staff will be required to pay $10.00.

Replacement: What's Wrong with Your Card?

“My Campus ID Card is Not Working Properly”

Students must surrender their damaged or invalid campus ID card in order to receive a replacement campus ID card. The cost to replace a damaged campus ID card is $5.00.

“I lost my Campus ID Card”

Contact the Campus Center by phone at (808) 932-7365, email at, or by visiting Lava Landing (map) to see if the card was turned in. The Campus Center Office will also contact you via your email if your campus ID card is turned in at our office. You can also check with Campus Security's lost and found.

If your campus ID card is not found, you can purchase a replacement for $10.00 at Da Lava Tube. You would follow the same process as getting a new campus ID card.

“My Campus ID Card was Stolen”

File a police report and get a copy of the report or the case number. If you present the Campus Center office with a valid police report, you will receive a replacement ID card at no cost.