Exhibits & Displays at the Mookini Library

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Getting Started

If you have any questions about exhibits in the library please email ehmspace@hawaii.edu.

Request to Exhibit Form

Complete the Request to Exhibit form at least 30 calendar days before the proposed exhibit installation date. See Gallery Spaces below to select an appropriate exhibition space.

A Librarian will review a proposed exhibit for approval. Where there are substantive questions/problems regarding a proposed exhibit, the Library Director makes the final decision and conveys that decision to the exhibitor.

Criteria for Acceptance of Exhibits

The Library Director reserves the final decision on all exhibits. Exhibits proposed to the Library will be accepted or declined based on the following:

The purpose of providing library exhibits is to:

  • Display materials on themes or events of interest to the campus community.
  • Publicize research, scholarly, and/or creative work performed by UH Hilo and Hawaiʻi Community College faculty or students.
  • Publicize, and/or recruit for, campus organizations or projects.
  • Publicize the programs, resources, and services of UH Hilo, Hawaiʻi Community College, and their various organizations.
  • Publicize the programs, resources, and services of the library.

Exhibits of a commercial nature (e.g. to solicit business) which constitute recruitment efforts by entities not affiliated with either the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo or Hawaiʻi Community College are not accepted.


Mookini Library exhibit space is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Scheduling and duration of an exhibit will be determined by library staff.

Gallery Spaces - Several Galleries Temporarily Closed

Consult the Maps and Descriptions of Gallery Locations to request an appropriate space.

September 2023: We regret that 3 gallery spaces will be closed until further notice: Maui, Kahoʻolawe, Kaua‘i.

Exhibits Installation

  • Library staff will work with the exhibitor(s) to suggest changes to improve clarity of an exhibit and to enforce library policies.
  • Mounting and dismantling the exhibit is the responsibility of the exhibitor(s).
  • Exhibit materials not claimed by the exhibitor(s) within 10 business days of the scheduled dismantling may be discarded.

Security & Liability

The Library will do its best to maintain proper security for loaned materials during the exhibit, but there must be a clear understanding that the library cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the materials. The Request to Exhibit form includes a waiver to this effect, which must be accepted by the person responsible for the exhibit before installation.

Posting Materials in the Library

Approval is needed from a Librarian to post or display any materials inside the library or on any exterior surface of the library. Any unauthorized materials will be immediately removed.

The "Soliciting" section of the library's Conduct in the Library policy states:


Soliciting is not permitted in the library. This policy extends to all areas of the library, including restrooms and exterior walls.

  • Soliciting includes buying or selling goods or services, asking for donations of any kind, distributing political campaign material or petitions, or distributing anything not connected with the function of the library.
  • Soliciting includes posting or displaying handouts, brochures, signs, etc. Approval is needed from a Librarian to post or display any materials inside the library or on any exterior surface of the library. Any unauthorized materials will be immediately removed.

Exceptions to the policy are made at the discretion of the library and include the following:

  • Fundraising projects conducted by the library.
  • Persons authorized by the library (vendors, food drive, etc.).
  • Surveys or other class assignments that have been approved by the library prior to distribution.