Testing Center

UH Hilo Test Center Sign

Our Hilo location offers proctoring services for students with disabilities, distance learning students, as well as the following regularly scheduled exams.

We provide services for students taking the:

Additional Testing Service locations:

North Hawai╩╗i (NHERC)
UH Testing Services at NHERC in Honoka╩╗a, provides distance learning exams and professional certification exams regularly. Visit the NHERC website or call (808) 775-8890 or email nherc-proctoring@lists.hawaii.edu.
Hawai╩╗i Community College P─ülamanui
UH Testing Services at P─ülamanui, provides distance learning exams and Accuplacer exams regularly. Visit the P─ülamanui Learning Resources website or contact P─ülamanui at (808) 969-8830.