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About Course Reserves

The Edwin H. Mookini Library supports students and instructors by providing a Course Reserve collection.

The collection is kept behind the Circulation Desk and consists of library-owned and instructor-owned materials in print format that instructors designate as high-use or required readings for specific courses.

Course Reserve materials have shorter loan periods to allow greater access to the materials.

Video introduction to Course Reserves (1:40)

From any library website page select Research at the top, then select the access link for your campus. Course Reserves are listed in LibCat. Use the magnifying glass to choose the Course Reserves search.

To search for an item on reserve, enter one or two of the following:

  • subject (e.g., biology, history)
  • instructor name (e.g., inglis, ostertag)
  • course name and number (e.g., BIOL 270 not BIOL270)

Find the item you want and select the title.

  • If the item is not checked out, write down the call number (e.g., HIST 152 #12 item 1) and go to the Circulation Desk to pick up the Reserve item.

Student Policies

Students must have a valid photo ID to borrow Course Reserve materials at the Circulation Desk.

Return all Course Reserve materials to the Circulation Desk (do not put in drop box). The borrower will be responsible for the material and any fines incurred.

Loan Periods of Course Reserve Materials

2 hours
Library Use Only.
4 hours
Library Use Only.
1 day
Must be returned to the Circulation Desk the next day before the library closes.
2 days
Must be returned to the Circulation Desk on the 2nd day before the library closes.
7 days
Must be returned to the Circulation Desk on the 7th day before the library closes.
Term Loan
Must be returned on date determined by the library.


All reserve materials should be returned by the date and time assigned on the date due slip or fines will be assessed. There is no grace period.

Reserve fines are calculated as follows:

  • $1.00 for each hour (or part thereof), e.g. an item 10 minutes late will incur a fee of $1.00.
  • If the item is overdue for more than 10 hours, it will be considered lost. $10.00 in overdue fines will be billed to the borrower. In addition, the following fees will be billed to the borrower for a library-owned item: $40 for lost item replacement, and $10 for processing.

Policies and Procedures for Faculty

  1. Complete one Reserve Request Form (above) for each title. The form can be submitted via email to Allow up to 10 working days for processing.
  2. No more than 5 copies of the same title may be placed on Course Reserve.
  3. When placing non-book materials on Course Reserve, instructors must submit a class roster before the items become available to the students. Roster needs to include students' first and last names and UH ID numbers.
  4. Personal materials may be placed on Course Reserve with the understanding that damage, loss, or theft is a possibility.
Disclaimer for Personal Materials
The Mookini Library will not be responsible for any damaged, missing and/or lost personal materials while on Reserve. Although staff take all reasonable precautions, personal materials on Reserve are at some risk. Do not place valuable or irreplaceable items on Reserve.
  1. Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan, Closed Shelves, and Reference may not be placed on Course Reserve.
  2. Materials may be kept on Course Reserve only for the duration of the specified course, usually one semester.
  3. In order to place student work on Course Reserve, written permission must be obtained from the author. Permission forms are at the Circulation Desk.
  4. Please allow up to 15 working days for removing materials.

General Copyright Guidelines

Faculty are responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for their Course Reserves materials.

The Mookini Library reserves the right to refuse to place material on Course Reserves if fulfillment of the request is judged (by the Library) to violate copyright law.

It is not necessary to seek copyright clearance for:

  • One article per journal issue or one chapter per book
  • Five copies or fewer of a print article
  • A print or e-reserve article or chapter in use for one semester

Questions about copyright?

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