Conduct in the Library

On this page:

We request your cooperation with the policies regarding the use of the library's building and materials. These policies are designed to make our resources as accessible as possible to library users, present and future, and are consistent with those of most academic libraries.

In addition to the policies on this page, students are also required to adhere to the Student Conduct Code:

The library staff is responsible for administering policies. It is expected that staff requests for compliance will be immediately and respectfully accommodated. Questions or complaints should be addressed to library administration. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction, refusal to comply with policies may result in:

  • a request to change locations in the library
  • a request to leave the building
  • summoning of security
  • refusal of future access to the library
  • suspension of library privileges
  • sanctions imposed through the University’s process


Noise in the library is a common cause of complaint. Please be considerate of others.

If you can be heard at the next table (or more than four feet away), you are too loud. Cell phone ring tones and conversations, stereo headsets set at high volume, and IM “alerts” and other computer alert sounds can distract and annoy those working around you.

Please set any devices you have to “silent” when you enter the library. Cell phones are permitted on the 2nd floor (Main Level) of the library but calls should be kept very short and as quiet as possible. Cell phone use is not permitted in the designated quiet study areas on all 3 floors.

Be aware that conversations in the halls travel to other parts of the library where students are trying to concentrate. Please be considerate!

Students wishing to study together should use group study rooms. Keys may be checked out from the Circulation Desk. A current, valid UH or government-issued photo ID is necessary to use this service. Please review the study room policies.

Food and Drinks

No food is allowed in the library. Drinks must have a secure lid. Food and drinks left behind in the library lobby will be discarded by library staff. This policy includes library classrooms and group study rooms.

Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, Etc.

Smoking is prohibited in this building by state law and by UH policy. Anyone found smoking will be asked to leave and to take all cigarette butts or other smoking materials out of the building. E-cigarettes are not allowed. Spitting and the use of chewing tobacco, snuff, betel nut, etc. are also prohibited.


UH System Executive Policy on Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (August 2020)

UH Hilo Animals on Campus Policy (1 Nov. 2016)

Theft and Damage to Library Property


As a precaution against both intended and unintended unauthorized removal of library materials or other University property from the building, the library is equipped with an electronic security system. Administrative action and/or criminal prosecution may be pursued if library materials are not properly checked out.

The library reserves the right to inspect patrons’ personal belongings for library items. Inspection may be made prior to the patron’s exiting the library or after security gate has sounded.


Please handle books and other materials with the same care with which you handle your own valuable possessions. A few basic precautions: keep them covered when they are outdoors, keep them away from food, beverages, and smoke, and do not mark in them or bend their pages or spines. When you notice a book in need of repair, please bring it to the attention of a library staff member. Patrons who lose or damage library materials will be billed for the damage and assessed a processing fee.

Mutilating library materials (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) -- for example, ripping out pages or underlining -- is prohibited and is punishable under the Student Conduct Code. Likewise, anyone willfully causing damage to the premises (e.g., vandalism, graffiti) will be subject to sanctions under the Student Conduct Code and applicable criminal statutes.


Bicycles are not permitted in the library.


Users must follow all of the University’s and Library’s computer use policies.


The librarians and staff of the Edwin H. Mookini Library do not make evaluations regarding the health of people using the facility.

Personal Belongings

Personal property should not be left unattended at any time. Library staff will not watch patrons’ personal items. The library is not responsible for any missing items. Please report any thefts to library staff.


Children 8th grade and below are not allowed in the library unless under constant supervision by adults. Children may not touch library computers or other equipment. In cases where children are not closely supervised or library rules are being broken, library staff will ask parents or caretakers to remove children from the building. Staff may contact Campus Security concerning unsupervised children.

High School Students

High school students may use the library until 6:00 p.m. Exceptions: students in advanced placement courses and those supervised by a responsible adult may use the library at any time. High school students found to be truants or breaking library rules will be asked to leave.


A quiet and safe setting is necessary for study and thought. Anyone infringing on the right of others to use the library for its intended purpose will be asked to leave the building.

Verbal or physical abuse, intimidation, harassment, sexual activity, and any other behavior deemed disruptive by library staff are prohibited. Disruptive behavior is that which unduly interferes with another library patron’s quiet enjoyment and use of the library or behavior that staff has determined violates library policies.

Victims of or witnesses to crimes in the library should notify the nearest library staff member immediately. Library users bothered by disruptive behavior or harassment are also encouraged to notify the nearest library staff member for assistance.


Soliciting is not permitted in the library. This policy extends to all areas of the library, including restrooms and exterior walls.

  • Soliciting includes buying or selling goods or services, asking for donations of any kind, distributing political campaign material or petitions, or distributing anything not connected with the function of the library.
  • Soliciting includes posting or displaying handouts, brochures, signs, etc. Approval is needed from a Librarian to post or display any materials inside the library or on any exterior surface of the library. Any unauthorized materials will be immediately removed.

Exceptions to the policy are made at the discretion of the library and include the following:

  • Fundraising projects conducted by the library.
  • Persons authorized by the library (vendors, food drive, etc.).
  • Surveys or other class assignments that have been approved by the library prior to distribution.