UH Hilo / Hawaiʻi CC Courses

UH Hilo Courses

MUS 195 Contemporary Island Music (3) : Survey of contemporary music in Hawaiʻi from the 1970’s to today’s popular music. Emphasis on performance, via the understanding of multi-cultural influences, styles of composers, and development of musical trends in Hawaiʻi. Practical experience with singing and 'ukulele included.

MUS 176 / HWST 176 Hist & Dev Of Hawn Music (3) : A general survey of the interrelationships of traditional and acculturated Hawaiian music. Vocal music genres to be discussed include: chant; Christian hymn singing; secular choral singing; male and female falsetto singing; Chalangalang; Hapa Haole; and contemporary. Instrumental music genres include: pre-European instrumental styles; slack key guitar; 'ukulele; and steel guitar.

MUS 175 / HWST 175 Intro Music Of Polynesia (3) : Intro Music Of Polynesia (3) A general survey of the traditional and acculturated music of eight major Polynesian island groups: Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, Easter Island, and Hawaiʻi. Music is viewed as both an organization of sound and as a product of culture and people.

HWST 205 Hawaiian Music in Action (2) : Learning Hawaiian songs as a means of strengthening knowledge of language, poetry and culture. A) mele aina, E) mele pili kanaka, I) other. May be repeated for credit if subletters are different. Conducted in Hawaiian. Pre: HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I (4) .

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Hawaiʻi CC Courses

HWST 106 Mele Hawaiʻi (3) An introductory course in the study of mele Hawaiʻi or Hawaiʻi oral arts. Students are expected to participate in all learning opportunities by learning and performing mele.

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Online HawCC Music-Related Courses

Introduction to Guitar - A 6-week course designed to build basic guitar skills step-by-step with the help of hands-on exercises, audio and video recordings, and detailed illustrations. Taught by Edward Burns. See 'Introduction to Guitar' details

Music Made Easy - A 6-week course designed to learn the fundamentals of music theory. Be able to read, write, and play simple music. See 'Music Made Easy' details

Certificate in Music Therapy and Sound Healing - A 6-week course designed to teach the benefits of music and music therapy and sound healing in the health profession. See 'Certificate in Music Therapy and Sound Healing' details