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What Is Peer-Review?

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (3:05)
What is peer review, how is it different than a magazine, and how to find articles that qualify.

Scholarly Articles Sections

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article – be sure to click on the sections!
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Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) vs. Popular Materials Guide - compares the different characteristics of articles in magazines and journals.
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How to Read a Scientific Article (PDF)
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Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • All the journal articles in ScienceDirect are peer-reviewed, but ScienceDirect also has book chapters, conference proceedings, etc., so either limit your search to Research Articles or pay attention to what type of source you are looking at.
  • JSTOR is considered a “scholarly” resource, although not all the articles in it are peer-reviewed, because many of the articles were written before the peer-review process.

Databases that have other types of materials will usually allow you to limit your search if you’re looking for only peer-reviewed articles:

EBSCO search showing peer-reviewed option