Login Trouble

Databases sometimes “go down” temporarily for maintenance. If you can’t get in, please wait and try again later. In the meantime, try a different database!

Some Common Problems:


Make sure to enter your UH username and password carefully. Don’t include “@hawaii.edu” as part of the username.

Choose Your Campus

Make sure you are on the correct page / have selected the correct link for your user group - UH Hilo or Hawaiʻi Community College.

Library Registration

Have you registered with the library? You may not be able to use our online resources until you do.

  • Immediate registration is available at the Circulation Desk with a current, valid UH or government-issued photo ID.
  • Or register your UH ID number online (please note that online registration will take 2-4 business days, excluding weekends and holidays, to process).

Browser Issues

If you are logged into another email account in the same browser, you may need to log out of that account or use a different browser for your UH login.

  • Your internet browser must accept cookies.
  • You must temporarily disable pop-up blockers.
  • Try a different browser (Firefox or Chrome instead of Edge).
  • Clear the browser’s cache (if you don’t know how to do this, type “clear cache” and the browser name into Google or another search engine).
  • Restart your computer – many, many computer issues are solved this way!

Database Coverage Limits

Is the database itself asking you for an ID and a password? Check Journals by Title (Hawaiʻi CC / UH Hilo) to make sure we have access to the year / issue you need as we don’t always have complete access to everything in a particular database.

  • For example, we only have access in ScienceDirect back to 1995 so if the article you are trying to access is from 1994, it won’t be available in ScienceDirect, although it may be available in another database or through our Loans from Other Libraries service.
  • We also may not have access to the most recent articles as some journals have an embargo, or delay, on online publication.

Trouble Ticket

If you still can’t access a resource, something may be temporarily wrong with the database; please try again later. If the problem lasts more than 2-3 hours, fill out our Database Troubleshooting form (use your UH username and password to log in).