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Taxonomy of Marine Species

  • AlgaeBase is a database of global algal taxonomic, nomenclatural and distributional information.
  • Catalog of Fishes was developed by the California Academy of Sciences & edited by William N. Eschmeyer.
  • Encyclopedia of Life is a database that includes information from trusted sources around the world.
  • FishBase is a multilingual database on fish taxonomy. Searchable by common name, scientific name, family, country/island, ecosystem, topic, tools, and references.
  • Integrated Taxonomic Information System provides taxonomic information on animals, plants, fungi, and microbes created in collaboration with several international agencies.
  • NCBI Taxonomy National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) taxonomy database provides the names of all organisms in the genetic databases with at least one nucleotide or protein sequence. This database is searchable by common and scientific names.
  • World Register of Marine Species (WORM) database provides names of marine organisms and information on synonymy.

U.N. Atlas of the Oceans

  • U.N. Atlas of the Oceans is "the most comprehensive on-line resource for inquiry about the full spectrum of ocean issues." Information is available through four general access points:
    • About the Oceans
    • Uses of the Oceans
    • Issues
    • Geography

The National Academies Press

The National Academies Press (NAP) website includes publications on a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and medicine. This site is searchable by title, topic, and keyword.

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