Performing Arts

Department Chair: Justina Mattos , Ph.D.

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Lecturers and Staff:

  • Gloria Mendoza-Watson, Staff Accompanist

The Performing Arts department is centered on applied learning, supported by and integrated with theory across the disciplines of dance, drama, and music. The remarkable national and local success of our students resides in their ability to compete and thrive in their professional and personal lives. Performing Arts is, for many of our students, a calling, as it is for the artists who make up our faculty, all of whom are active and high achieving practitioners in their art form. The BA in Performing Arts is a unified degree, focused on learning across disciplines (including drama, dance, and music) in the core, with emphasis on theory and performance (in class or on the stage), all three disciplines for all students. The Performing Arts major has 55 credits in the core plus another 12 credits of freely chosen electives. Major electives will be offered such that students can select freely depending on their interest and talents.

The Baccalaureate degree in Performing Arts consists of Integrated Major Requirements that are a balance of Dance, Music and Performance. 1) required PARTS core 21 credits; 2) Unified Training Experiences 17 credits; 3) Leadership 6 credits; plus 4) 12 additional advanced (300 – 400) level credits in either Dance, Music, and Performance that have been selected in consultation with your PARTS department Advisor.

The PARTS BA degree requires completion of UHH General Electives (64 credits) plus the PARTS Integrated Major (56 credits): 120 credits total.


The UH Hilo Performing Arts Major has a three-fold mission:

  • To serve the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo with general education and service courses;
  • To provide an academic major in the Performing Arts, with three individual specialty concentrations in dance, drama performance, and music; and
  • To contribute to the cultural life of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and Hawaiʻi Island through artistic performances and offerings in music, drama, and dance, through public lectures, and through related professional activities.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation with a credential from this Department, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate key skills in their major field of study (i.e. dance, music, drama)
  2. Demonstrate an ability to work in group settings
  3. Successfully lead a performance in their chosen area of expertise
  4. Critically analyze “text” and make creative judgments on the performance of that “text”—whether it be dance, a musical score, or a play
  5. Incorporate a multicultural perspective into their work