Performing Arts Certificate

The Performing Arts Certificate is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of the methodologies, theories and skills required in the Performing Arts. The core courses in this certificate program provide students with the basic foundational understandings necessary in each area of the performing arts. The elective courses allow students to select courses from a variety of content areas within the Performing Arts.

Requirements (19 credits):

  1. Required Core Courses (13 credits)
    • DRAM 101 Introduction to Theatre (3)
    • DRAM 280 Basic Stagecraft (3)
    • DRAM 280L Basic Stagecraft Laboratory (1)
    • DNCE 150 Intro To Dance (3)
    • MUS 106 Intro to Music Literature (3)
  2. Additional Elective Courses (6 credits) Select courses from two different areas of concentration within DNCE, DRAM, or MUS. Courses may be at the 100-400 level.


  1. All prerequisites must be completed before students will be allowed to register for upper-division courses. Repeatable courses may be counted only once toward fulfilling the requirements for the certificate.
  2. Students must earn a “C” or higher in all Performing Arts courses that are applied toward completion of the Certificate.
  3. Applied Music fees are in addition to regular tuition
  4. Students in MUS 231 Applied Music (1) and 331 are required to participate in recitals & juries, and to be co-enrolled in a Performing Arts ensemble
  5. Students in DRAM 350 Stage Costume (3) Stage Costume (3) without previous sewing experience must enroll concurrently in DRAM 350L Stage Costume Laboratory (1) Stage Costume Lab (1)
  6. Be aware of course prerequisites & the frequency with which courses are offered. Info available in the “course listings” in this catalog.