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S.A.C. puts on many events over the course of the school year. All events are planned by our event planners based on the ideas that students submit and interests of the event planners. However, S.A.C. puts on a few main events ever year.

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Upcoming Events

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Annual Events


Hoʻolauleʻa is a co-sponsored event with the other CSOs on campus which is open to the public as well as our students. This event boasts food, craft and informational booths, a keiki area, and all day entertainment. This event takes place the first Saturday of the Spring Semester.

Polynesian dancers perform at the Ho'olaule'a

Start of Summer

Start of Summer (SOS) is a new event that was created by S.A.C. to celebrate the end of the school year. Each year there will be a different theme and structure. For the first year the theme was Casino night. Stay tuned for this year’s theme.

Well dressed diners eat during the Start of Summer night

Free Food!

Students line up for free food in the Campus Center lanai

Lastly, you can always count on S.A.C. for all of the free food events in Campus Center Plaza. Please check our Facebook page for updates on our free food giveaways!