About SAC

Our Philosophy

Aloha embraces respect for the history, traditions, and culture of Hawaiʻi’s indigenous people as well as those people who followed and settled in the Islands. Aloha reflects compassion for all people. Diverse social and cultural opportunities created on a foundation of Aloha provide a well-balanced and enriched collegiate experience. Through active participation in campus life, students are able to nurture relationships between our campus and our communities. By integrating exciting, relaxing, engaging co-curricular activities into their college experience, students are able to establish a greater connection to UH Hilo and enjoy a more fulfilling collegiate life outside the classroom.


Registered Independent Student Organizations (RISOs), departments, and programs looking for funding from the Student Activities Council or any Chartered Student Organization (CSO) should fill out a funding application and submit the form-filled (no hand-written forms will be accepted) application to Campus Center Room 210. Email submissions are accepted as well. For further information and deadlines, visit the CSO Funding Committee website.

Join the Team

Applications can be picked up at Campus Center room 210, the SAC office located in Campus Center room 301B, or you can download one here. Submit your completed application to Campus Center room 210 or email it to Maile at boggeln@hawaii.edu. If you have any questions regarding the application, please stop by the SAC office or contact us.