RISO Benefits

Due to COVID-19 many RISO benefits have been temporarily suspended or altered. Please check here for the current changes. To contact the RISO office please email Maile at uhhriso@hawaii.edu to schedule a virtual meeting or for any questions or concerns you may have.

Why register to become a RISO? ... Because you get access to all of these amazing benefits!

On this page:

Campus Center Services

Contact Information

The Campus Center Office is located in CC-210. You can contact them at (808) 932-7365 or campusct@hawaii.edu

Campus Center Bulletin Boards

All fliers must be pre-approved by the Campus Center which can be done in their office. The required elements for all fliers are: RISO name, contact person and information, name of event and/or purpose for the flier, date, time and location. The Campus Center asks that your fliers be 8 1/2 X 11 so that they fit within the space they have available.

We ask that you include the following disabilities accommodation statement to ensure that all of your activities are open and accessible:

“Anyone requiring auxiliary aids or special accommodations to participate in this event should contact (club person) at (phone or email), (808) 932-7002 (TTY) by (date that is 10 working days prior to the event).”

Edit all areas that are italicized with your information.

However, please note that your RISO is responsible for the cost of accommodations.

News and Events Calendar

You can submit an announcement or an event to the UH Hilo News and Events Calendar. The submissions are approved by Campus Center to ensure that you are an approved RISO. This is a fantastic resource as all submissions will be posted in five places: (1) the UH Hilo News and Events page, (2) the RISO Web Page, (3) the Campus Center Webpage, (4) the What's Happening Email, and (5) the UH Hilo App.

In order to ensure that this happens you will need to include the following tags in your submission (this is done at the end of the form): RISO, Registered Independent Student Organizations, Campus Center.

Additionally, if you would like your announcement or event to appear in the “What’s Happening” email on a specific Sunday it must be submitted by the Wednesday prior to your intended Sunday.

Meeting Rooms / Campus Center Plaza

You can reserve your room, or space, online at least 10 working days before your activity. For reservations of the Campus Center Plaza or Campus Center rooms please visit the room reservation page.

Your Chartered Student Organizations can do the following

The UH Hilo Chartered Student Organizations (CSO) are Board of Regent approved and student run organizations that work to fulfill very specific missions that enhance the co-curricular life at UH Hilo. We have five at UH Hilo and all of them provide some kind of assistance to the RISOs, some of the benefits are passive while others are active, meaning that you need to reach out and apply for some while others start occurring at the onset of your registration approval.

Board of Media Broadcasting (BOMB)

With help from their programs, University Radio Hilo (URH) and Vulcan Video Productions (VVP) the BOMB can help you with:

Announcements, guest interviews and sound equipment (fees may apply for staff and equipment). Contact the BoMB at bomb@hawaii.edu or visit them in CC-310 for more information or you can contact the programs directly for their services.

Board of Student Publications (BOSP)

With help from one of their programs Ke Kalahea BOSP can help you with:

Advertisement (fees may apply), announcement or feature story in Ke Kalahea. Contact the BoSP at bosp@hawaii.edu or visit them in CC-312 if you have any questions or you can contact Ke Kalahea directly for their services.

Student Activities Council (SAC) & University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Student Association (UHHSA) – collaborate on events

Contact SAC at uhhsac@hawaii.edu or visit them in CC-301-B, or you can contact UHHSA at uhhsa@hawaii.edu or visit them in CC-203-A for more information.

With UHHSA it is suggested that you ask to speak to the UHHSA RISO senator to expedite your request.

Auxiliary facilities

You can email uhhrooms@hawaii.edu or contact Shay Hara if you have any questions. Shay oversees the reservations for all facilities managed by Auxiliary Services.

A few reminders:

  • These facilities are available only after 4:30 pm, on holidays and weekends.
  • The Old Gym will no longer be a reservable space except for special instances due to renovations.
  • RISO advisors must be listed as the requester for the facilities.
  • All requests must be made seven (7) business days in advance, there will be no exceptions.

Please reserve Auxiliary facilities online by visiting their facility requests page.

Facilities Available:

  • UCB classrooms
  • STB classrooms
  • EKH classrooms
  • Wentworth Hall Theatre room and some classrooms
  • College Hall classrooms

Performing Arts Center (PAC)

You can contact the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at (808) 932-7490 or at artsctr@hawaii.edu to reserve the facility. Please note that this facility does have fees associated with its use and the facility books upwards of 6 months in advance. More information about the Performing Arts Center Policies and reservation information can be found on their website.

Student Life Center (SLC) Rooms and Facilities

You can visit the Student Life Center reservations website or contact the SLC at (808) 932-7607 to reserve facilities. Currently the SLC allows RISOs to reserve the work out rooms behind the weight room and the Pool Deck. Please note that some fees may apply depending on your reservation needs.

Library Facilities

All reservable rooms in the Library are upen to be reserved for us by RISOs as long as the use of the room fits within current study room policies. To reserve the rooms one student from the RISO will need to make reservations on the library reservations website. Additionally, RISOs are able to make reservations for the Library Lanai, please review the reservation website to make your reservations and review their policies.

Motor Pool Vans

You can contact the UH Hilo Motor Pool at (808) 932-7001. Please visit the Motor Pool website to view the rules and get the vehicle request forms. Please note that Advisors are being held responsible for use of UH Hilo vans from the UH Hilo Motor Pool. They must be present the entire duration of use of the vehicles. Drivers must be van driver certified and registered with the Motor Pool To sign up or to see the upcoming training dates please visit their webpage.

Please note that RISOs are responsible for the cost of their own gas. For more information please review the policy page.

UH Hilo App

As an approved RISO, you are able to create your own page on the UH Hilo app to help connect with students. The app is free and available for Android and Apple products. In order to sign up for the UH Hilo RISO app please fill out this google form. Please allow up to a week for your group to be added to the UH Hilo App. If you would like to receive a brief training or for more information, contact Maile at uhhriso@hawaii.edu.

Organizational Username

As a RISO, you can create a hawaii.edu username for your group. This can aid in the transition process and allows your group to use Google suite for club business. If you would like to apply for a hawaii.edu email address please visit the UH System ITS website and select “Organizational Username”. These usernames will get approved annually by the RISO office.

Campus Bulletin Boards

You may post on most bulletin boards on campus without permission. Certain boards on campus that require permission prior to posting will have information on who to contact for approval. For the official UH Hilo policy on bulletin board please see the Auxiliary FAQ page.

UH Hilo Instagram Takeover Program

To help advertise your club and show what UH Hilo has to offer, you can now do a RISO Snapchat Takeover Program through UH Hilo’s main Instagram account - @uhhilo! This is an awesome opportunity to showcase your club activities and involvement to both current and prospective UH Hilo students, and share with them what makes your club unique! Boost your organization's awareness and enrollment, and get your voices heard. You can even do this to get your social media launched. Slots are available throughout the academic year, on weekdays and weekends - whenever is convenient for you. There is also an opportunity to do weekly takeovers by your club. Please sign up by contacting Director of Institutional Marketing Nyssa Kushi at nkushi@hawaii.edu; an application form will be sent with posting guidelines and information.

Graphics Services

The UH Hilo Graphics services department is now open to RISOs for printing fliers and other graphic design and printing needs. Please note that these services will need to be paid for at the time of purchase as Graphics will not offer billing options to student groups. For a full list of their services as well as prices please visit the Graphics Services website.


The UH Hilo Chartered Student Organizations (CSO) work to provide funding that RISOs are able to apply for each year. For more information, eligibility, deadlines, and forms please visit the CSO Funding Website or contact the committee directly at uhhcsafc@hawaii.edu.