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2021-2022 RISO Contact List

2021-2022 Approved RISO Contact List: Please note this list will be updated regularly as RISOs are approved.

This directory is intended solely to provide contact information for individual members of the Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO) community. Information obtained from this directory may not be used for the purpose of bulk communication of any kind to students, alumni, faculty, and/or staff. This includes solicitations of any kind or informational announcements using paper, email, or phone calls. Violations may be addressed under all applicable policies, codes of conduct, and/or law.


Two Town Halls were conducted on Monday, September 21 with RISO students and advisors. A summary of those meetings can be found here. We will be holding regular town halls as requested dates and details will be forthcoming.

On Monday, November 16, Town Halls were conducted with RISO Student Leaders and Advisors. You can find the notes for these meetings here.

Two Town Halls were conducted on May 4 & 6, 2021 that were open to RISO student Leaders & Advisors.You can find the notes for these meetings here.

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2020-2021 RISO Contact Information

If you are looking to contact a RISO but they have not registered yet this year, please check the 2020-2021 approved RISO list for more information. Please refer to the above announcement regarding use of this listserv.