RISO Resources

RISO Administrative Information

There is no reason to recreate the wheel, so please feel free to use these resources to help with building or revising your Constitution and By-Laws. You can start with this sample document created for UH Hilo RISOs which allows you to insert or delete information as needed. This was designed to be as comprehensive as possible to fit the needs of various RISOs at UH Hilo. You can also watch a video that explains the difference between the two documents so you can better understand the difference when you are developing them.

Please note that you will be required to turn in both a Constitution and a By-Laws document, they should not be one single document.

Managing Risk- Creating a Risk and Release Form

RISOs need to be especially aware of their liability. As stated in BOR 7.203, RISOs are independent of the university and "the university assumes no responsibility for the activities of a RISO". This means that all RISOs should be aware of their liability and work to ensure that they are protected as an organization. This means being aware of the risks that are inherent in your activities and programs and working to mitigate negligence and risk as much as possible.

We have created a sample Risk and Release form to help you notify your members of potential risk when they are participating in your activities. You will also be required to have a Risk and Release from to use some of the benefits extended to you as a RISO.