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Campus CenterRegistered Independent Student Organizations (RISO)

RISO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General Questions:

  • How many people do I need to start a club?
  • What if I have more than 6 people who want to be a part of my club?
  • Can community / HawCC members be in my club?
  • What if I don't know how to write a constitution and by laws?
  • What are minutes?
  • How do I write minutes for our meeting?
  • What if I need to change an officer of my club after I have submitted the registration pack?


  • What if I can't find an advisor?
  • How would you recommend finding an advisor?
  • Why does my advisor need to sign the agreement form?
  • What liability is my advisor taking on?
  • Can I have a HawCC faculty or staff member be my advisor?
  • Why does my advisor need to take the Title IX course?
  • What if I have more than one person who wants to be an advisor?
  • What if I have one UH Hilo faculty or staff member and a community advisor?
  • Do both advisors need to come to the orientation, funding, and Title IX meetings?
  • Why can't my advisor be an authorized representative for my club?

Registration Form:

  • Why if I don't have an email, website, mailing address etc?
  • Can I use the UH Hilo Mailing address?
  • Can I send mail to my advisor?
  • Can I create a UH Hilo Organizational username (i.e. a hawaii.edu email address)?
  • Do I have to have a _Insert Position Name (i.e. treasurer, secretary,etc.) in my club?
  • What is an authorized representative?
  • Why do I have to have all of my members sign this form?
  • If one of my officers is also an authorized representative do they need to sign for both positions?
  • Can we electronically sign?

Membership/ Roster page:

  • Why do you need my ID number?
  • Can I just give you their email address?
  • What if I have lots of members who aren't active?
  • Who should I count on the roster?
  • Should I put the officers list on the registration page on the roster as well?