Starting College

Which best describes the kind of student you are?

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Freshman Student

(less than 30 credits)

How do I get information from UH Hilo?
Check your email regularly
What if I'm unsure what to select for my major?
Complete the Focus2 Assessment to find a major that suits your personal and career interests.

Incoming Transfer Student

(transferring to UH Hilo, with 30 or more credits)

What if I have earned an Associate of Arts / Liberal Arts or a Bachelor of Arts Degree?
If you have received any of these degrees, your general education will be waived. Please email for further instructions.
Where are my transfer credits?
Your credits can be found in STAR. If all of your credits have not transferred, please contact our registrar's office.
Who is my advisor?
By the third week of school, you are automatically assigned a faculty advisor in the department of your program. You can check who is your advisor by logging on to STAR. For immediate assistance, contact the Advising Center or visit your department's website.
What if I have already completed courses that are recommended to me?
If you believe you have already met requirements for your program but your credits are not reflected properly on Star, please contact the department chair of your program. View advisors.

Returning Students

(Prior UH Hilo student before taking a break from any college for some period of time)

I want to come back to UH Hilo. How do I return?
You must reapply to UH Hilo
Who is my advisor?
Students who return in the same major will be assigned to the advisor they had before leaving UH Hilo the first time. You may check your advisor on STAR.

Current Students

(More than 30 credits; attended UH Hilo last semester)

How do I get information?
Check your email regularly
Which placement assessments do I need to take?
Know which placements to take
When do I register?
Know when to register
How do I register?
You can register through STAR.
What is Star-GPS?
STAR is a program used to plan your graduation timeline, register, and see completed or transferred courses.
How do I know which classes to select?
All of the courses that you need to take are automatically set up according to the major you declared on Star.