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Email a freshman advisor of your intended program. Their contact information can be found down below.

Transfer or Returning

If this is your first semester transferring to UH Hilo or returning to UH Hilo after a break, please connect with our transfer Advisor.


If you would like assistance for your major, please go to your department's website for advisors in your program. Additionally, you can find your advisor on STAR, in Academic Essentials.

Career assistance

Career counseling and exploration, job search assistance, resume and personal statement reviews. Schedule an appointment with an advisor today!

Major Freshman Advisor Faculty Advisor
Undeclared (No major) Sarah Juran Career and Academic Advising Center
Aeronautical Science (Pending WASC Approval) Tim Ward Aeronautical Science Program
Accounting Sarah Juran College of Business and Economics
Administration of Justice Jodilyn Kunimoto Political Science and Administration of Justice Department
(Concentrations: Aquaculture, Animal Health & Management, Tropical Plant Science Agroecology Specialty)
Jodilyn Kunimoto College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Management
Anthropology Jodilyn Kunimoto Anthropology Department
Art Jodilyn Kunimoto Art Department
Astronomy Comfort Sumida Astronomy @ Physics and Astronomy Department
Biology Kurt Dela Cruz Biology Department
Business Administration
(Applied Economics, Finance, Health Care Management, Management, Marketing, Professional Studies)
Sarah Juran College of Business and Economics
Chemistry Kurt Dela Cruz Chemistry Department
Communication Jodilyn Kunimoto Communication Department
Computer Science Comfort Sumida Computer Science @ Computer Science and Engineering Department
English Jodilyn Kunimoto English Department
Environmental Science Jodilyn Kunimoto Geography @ Geography and Environmental Science Department
Exploratory Health Science Kurt Dela Cruz Exploratory Health Science Meta Major
Gender and Women’s Studies Jodilyn Kunimoto Gender and Women's Studies Program
Geography Jodilyn Kunimoto Environmental Science @ Geography and Environmental Science Department
Geology Kurt Dela Cruz Geology Department
Hawaiian Studies
(Concentrations: Continuing the Culture, Monitoring the Culture)
Kainoa Ariola Hawaiian Studies Department
Japanese Studies Jodilyn Kunimoto Languages Department
Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences Kurt Dela Cruz Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences Department
Linguistics Kainoa Ariola Linguistics Program
Marine Science Comfort Sumida Marine Science Department
Mathematics Comfort Sumida Mathematics Department
Natural Science
(Concentrations: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics)
Comfort Sumida Natural Science Department
Performing Arts Jodilyn Kunimoto Performing Arts Department
Philosophy Jodilyn Kunimoto Philosophy Department
Physics Comfort Sumida Physics @ Physics and Astronomy Department
Political Science Jodilyn Kunimoto Political Science and Administration of Justice Department
Psychology Jodilyn Kunimoto Psychology Department
Sociology Jodilyn Kunimoto Sociology Department

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