Advisor & Advisee Kuleana

the Student Services Building

What is Kuleana?

Plain and simple, kuleana means responsibility. It also means that you stand behind your conviction or belief. Kuleana is much like karma. It’s your kuleana....your karma.

Kuleana is about being accountable.

Advising is a shared duty at UH Hilo where advisors and students have kuleana or responsibilities to ensure that the academic journey is one of progress and timely accomplishments

Advisees (students)

  • Recognize that advising is a shared responsibility and accept final responsibility for all decisions
  • Clarify personal values, abilities, and goals
  • Prepare for advising sessions and bring relevant materials when contacting the advisor
  • Contact and make an appointment with the faculty advisor when required or when in need of assistance
  • Become knowledgeable about policies, procedures, and requirements, including important deadlines
  • Monitor progress toward educational and career goals

Academic advisors (faculty and other)

  • Are dedicated to the advising process and exhibit a caring attitude toward advisees
  • Are accessible to students
  • Help students clarify career/life goals as well as educational goals
  • Are familiar with institutional regulations, policies and procedures especially as they relate to academic and/or graduation requirements
  • Monitor progress toward educational and career goals
  • Assist students in selecting courses that reflect individual interests and abilities
  • Assist students in decision-making skills
  • Refer students to other appropriate campus resources
  • Participate in advisor training sessions to keep informed and current

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