Computers in the Library

The computers in the library are managed by a different UH Hilo department, Academic Computing Services (ACS).

  • Most of the computers in the library have Internet access, Microsoft Office programs, and Acrobat Reader.
  • Most of the library is covered by the UHHilo wireless Internet network.

Locations of Computers

  • Computers are available on all 3 levels of the library.
  • Two computers near the Circulation Desk are limited to study room reservations and searching LibCat and have a 10-minute time limit.

Wired Laptop Connections

Laptop lines connecting to the Internet are available for students with their own laptops. The stations are located on the 2nd floor (Main Level) in the gray carrels near the DVDs.

Computer Resources - UH Hilo

Are you experiencing problems with a computer? You can contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.

IT Resources @ UH

The UH System Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a broad range of IT services and support to students of the entire UH System. See the ITS website for information / help with:

Important Tips about USB Drives

Save Your Work Often

Saving to a USB drive
Buy a USB Flash Drive - they are available at the UH Hilo Bookstore.
Insert it into the USB port in your computer.
To save a document
Tap/Click on "save as" and choose the device you want to save it to (your usb - "Removable Disk" or "unknown").
Once the flash drive is selected, name your document in the "File name" field.
To Eject USB Flash Drive
Tell your computer you want to remove your USB flash drive before you physically remove the drive from your computer.
To do so on a PC, right-click on the icon for the drive and select "Remove" in order to safely remove the drive.
On a Mac, drag the drive icon to the Recycle Bin to eject the drive.

*If you pull out your USB flash drive without telling your computer first, you run the risk of damaging the drive and losing data.

Saving to Google drive
All UH users also have access to Google Drive, which automatically saves your work.
Go to Google@UH and tap/click on Drive.
Google has create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It can open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.
Windows help and support