Computer Support in the Mookini Library

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Library staff (including technology support staff) provide limited assistance to patrons using the software and computers within the library. All support is confined to hardware and software actually installed and/or in use within the library.

The following represent the computer support provided by the Library:

  • Technical assistance from library staff at the Information Desk will be limited to no more than 5 minutes at a time.
  • Library staff should be able to help patrons with the basics of printing and to troubleshoot routine printing problems. More difficult problems will be handled by Library Technology Services, when staff are available.
  • Librarians will provide assistance on the general use and searching of the library catalog, databases, and internet.
  • For Microsoft Office programs, library staff can assist patrons with relatively simple tasks, but should not be expected to know every aspect of any program. Program manuals are provided on all floors for patrons to use in learning more specific features of the programs.
  • No assistance is provided for courseware (e.g., Minitab, MathCAD). Users with problems need to consult the manual, their instructor, or Academic Computing Services Help Desk at or (808) 932-7040 for help.
  • Library Technology Services will assist patrons attempting to recover lost computer data, but neither we personally nor the library nor the university will accept any liability for lost data or the inability to recover data.
  • Library staff are not expected to troubleshootproblems with UH System services such as MyUH Services, Laulima, or email.

The following are not within the scope of help available from the Information Desk:

  • Staff at the Information Desk will not teach patrons how to use a computer or how to use any specific program on the computer (such as Word, Power Point, etc.). Students who need basic instruction in computer use or a specific program should make use of the program manuals that are available on all floors of the library.
  • We cannot accept any liability for doing anything to patrons' computers (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.); therefore, we can explain to the patron what the library staff member thinks may need to be done, but the patron needs to do it themselves.